Saturday, July 24, 2021
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Tag: Petrol Price

Petrol price hikes by 28 paise, diesel price gets a 16 paise cut

The price of petrol and diesel in Chennai is Rs 101.92 and Rs 94.24 per liter respectively.

Petrol and diesel prices hit Rs 100 per litre mark in Delhi

In Mumbai, petrol reached Rs 106.59 and diesel is being sold for Rs 97.18 per liter.

Petrol price hikes again, no change in diesel rate

In Mumbai, petrol price has reached Rs 105.92 per liter.

Petrol price in Mumbai about to touch Rs 105/liter mark, check prices in other cities

In Mumbai, petrol has reached Rs 104.90 and the price of diesel has reached Rs 96.72 per liter.

Petrol and diesel prices rise again, check rates in Metros

Petrol price soared to Rs 102.58 per liter in Mumbai on Monday,

Fuel rates rise again, petrol close to Rs 101/litre in Mumbai

The price of diesel has gone up by Rs 4.60 per liter in last 18 days.

Fuel prices rise again, petrol price crosses Rs 100/litre mark in Mumbai

In Bhopal, petrol is at its costliest in the country at Rs 102.04 per liter.

Petrol price at Rs 98.65/litre in Mumbai, check price in other cities

Today, petrol price has increased by 29 paise and diesel by 34 paise.

Petrol, diesel prices at record high today, check rates

On Wednesday, petrol and diesel prices have increased by 25-25 paise per liter.

Petrol and diesel prices increase today, check new rates

Petrol prices have crossed Rs 100 per liter level in some places of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.

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