Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Tag: Gold Price

Gold price declines marginally, silver price also lowers by Rs 216

The price drop was observed due to lack of demand and weak trend globally.

Gold price rises by Rs 881, silver rate also increases

The price of silver also rose heavily by Rs 1,071 to Rs 63,256 per kg.

Gold becomes cheaper by Rs 149, silver price also declines

The price of silver fell by Rs 866 per kg on Wednesday.

Gold price rises, silver price declines by Rs 200

The price of gold rose by Rs 60 per 10 grams in Delhi.

Gold rises by Rs 61, silver price also rises

The price of silver was increased by Rs 162 per kg.

Gold price decreases by Rs 291, silver prices also falls drastically

After the decrease, gold now costs Rs 44,059 per 10 grams in Delhi.

Gold price increases marginally, silver also gains

The price of silver rose to Rs 65,621 per kg.

Gold price declines, silver rate also comes down

The price of silver in Delhi is Rs 67,073 per kg.

Gold and silver prices rise, check new rates

An increase of Rs 241 per 10 grams of gold was seen in Delhi.

Gold and silver prices fall drastically today

On Friday, gold became cheaper by Rs 342 to Rs 45,599 per 10 grams.

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