Tuesday, January 26, 2021
Tags Amazon Inc

Tag: Amazon Inc

Amazon’s new cloud gaming service ‘Luna’ launched: Check here

The service will rival with Google's Stadia and Microsoft's Xbox.

Amazon Inc. rebrands Twitch Prime as Prime Gaming

Prime Gaming has now joined the league with Amazon Prime's other popular services.

Amazon wants consumers to buy less amid COVID-19 lockdown

Amazon is reportedly nudging consumers to buy fewer non-essential items on its platform, as the e-commerce giant is struggling to keep up with the...

Amazon to shut French warehouses until next week

Amazon Inc. will close its French warehouses at least until next week after a court ruled that the company should limit its deliveries only to essential items....

Amazon fills 100,000 jobs in the US amidst pandemic

Amazon Inc. has already hired over 100,000 new employees in the past four weeks as a result of the uptick in demand it has been witnessing...

Amazon Inc. creates its own COVID-19 testing lab for employees

Tech giant Amazon Inc. has started building COVID-19 testing labs for its employees. With the latest step, the online retailer is trying to protect...

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