Thursday, June 24, 2021
Home States Reang villagers demand immediate road re­pairing

Reang villagers demand immediate road re­pairing

By Shyamsundar Datta, Tripura State: The NBCC central agency of Tripura does not repair their damaged roads for last many years. Due to worst condit­ion of NBCC roads in Ampi nagar rural areas in Gumati district people are suffering too much throughout years. The present administration is doing nothing to renovate the roads that had been constr­ucted during the pre­vious left administr­ation in rural tribal areas. The present government is neith­er constructing any new roads nor they are taking initiative to do repairing the old roads which were constructed in remote tribal hamlets by the CPIM earlier, said the local villagers. When the state government is not giving concentration over the rural communication development then the agencies like NBCC also became inactive in their road maintenance proj­ect resulting consta­nt inconvenience for the rural indigenous people. There are many NBCC roads are lying in damaged sta­te but no initiative has been taken to renovate them till the date. The NBCC company has become failure to provide appreciable road communication service in the rural areas here in Ampi nagar RD block for last many years. Villagers said with dissatisfaction that throughout the years they are suffering to walk on the NBCC roads for their deplorable condition. All drivers face problem to drive vehicles on the damaged NBCC roads here in Ampi nagar. Very poor maintenance with bad quality of materials application on NBCC roads almost all the NBCC roads have become worst condition here in this block. An NBCC road from Ampi to 20 Kilo Para under Ampi nagar RD block, Gumati Tripura which is about 24 km long & its link no L028 is in dangerous state now. From the Kunaram Bari to Bishkilo about 8 km distance is fully horrible condition, said the locals Reang inhabitants. Due to heavy rain the road has become totally unfit for the vehicles and pedestrians. Uncountable holes, uneven, heap of mud, damaged carpeti

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