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Durga puja, the greatest Hindu festival.Observe smoothly in Tripura state

By Shyamsundar Datta, Tripura State In the present critical session of corona pandemic plague where the world is under the paw of deadly covid 19 the Bengali Hindu people’s devotion towards the deity of Goddess Durga is unabated. The festive mood of Durga Pura has prevailed everywhere in Tripura and the adoration will be held of course in different parts of the state with great enthusiasm through the sufficient precautionary measures. Every year the Bengali people observe this festival with great enthusiasm and devotion. Durga Puja also called Durgotsava is an annual Hindu festival originating in the Indian subcontinent which reveres and pays homage to the Hindu goddess, Durga. It is particularly popular in the Indian states of West Bengal, Assam, Bihar, Tripura, and Odisha, the country of Bangladesh, and the diaspora from this region, and also in Nepal, where it is celebrated as Dashain. The festival is observed in the Indian calendar month of Ashwin, which corresponds to the months of September-October in the Gregorian calendar,[4][5] and is a ten-day festival of which the last five are of significance. The puja is performed in homes and in the public, the latter featuring temporary stage and structural decorations (known as pandals). The festival is also marked by scripture recitations, performance arts, revelry, gift giving, family visits, feasting, and public processions. Durga puja is an important festival in the Shaktism tradition of Hinduism. Durga Puja Observed by Bengali, Odia, Maithils and Assamese communities as a socio-cultural and religious festival. Type Hindu Celebrations Worshipping Hindu deities, family and other social gatherings, shopping and gift-giving, feasting, pandal visiting, and cultural events Observances Ceremonial worship of goddess Durga Begins on the sixth day of Ashwin shukla paksha. As per mythology, the festival marks the victory of goddess Durga in her battle against the shape-shifting asura, Mahishasura.

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