Tuesday, June 15, 2021
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The anti-communist roar of the Tripura Chief Minister and the hateful propaganda by the BJP national leaders in the Bihar elections calling the grand alliance a mask of leftist extremism tie the same thread and show their extreme political bankruptcy and weakness. —–CPI (ML), Tripura State Committee.

By Shyamsundar Datta, Triprua State: At the meeting of the Provincial Committee of the Janajati Morcha in Ambasa on October 18, the Chief Minister of Tripura State shouted — “Communist seeds must be eradicated from the state by 2023”. On October 21, MP Pratima Bhowmik went to Udaipur and deliberately called for revenge by adding politics to an apolitical murder. During the election campaign in Bihar on October 15, the BJP national president, at an election rally in Nawada district, described the opposition grand alliance as a real face of masked and leftist extremism and destructive forces. Which shows the extreme political bankruptcy and weakness of the BJP in Tripura or Bihar as well as in national politics. Such statements are part of the RSS and the BJP’s anti-Muslim, anti-Dalit and anti-communist fascist ideology. Because the people of Tripura have turned away from the BJP party and the government after being disgusted with the misrule of the last 31 months. In particular, the participation and mass activism of the people has increased in the path of intense repression in the opposition leftist movement. The Chief Minister is scared. Frightened by the fierce revolt of the party and the government MLAs, the Chief Minister is trying to incite this anti-communist hatred in order to maintain his existence within the party and is shouting war. Similarly, the Center and the state are attacking the Left, especially the CPI (ML), as they see no way out in the face of intense anger and resentment against the Nitish government in Bihar. But now the biggest extremist parties in the country and the state are the RSS and the BJP. People are afraid of them. They kill peo

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