Saturday, May 15, 2021
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CPI (M) has always been questioning for a healthy political environment

By Shyamsundar Datta, Tripura State: The CPI (M) Udaipur sub-divisional committee ,under Gomati district in Tripura State , has strongly condemned the BJP’s lies in the murder of a young man over a dispute between two families in the Chandrapur Colony Ashramtila area of Udaipur sub-division. He told a press conference at the sub-divisional office on Thursday that the BJP’s bankruptcy politics should be stopped immediately as the family incident was a political murder. CPI (M) Gomti District Secretary Madhab Saha and Udaipur Sub-Divisional Secretary Manik Biswas were present at the press conference.At the press conference, the leaders said that the language used by the BJP leaders, including MP Pratima Bhowmik, in blaming the CPI (M) for the incident, was very shameful in parliamentary politics. The state chief minister has publicly instructed the party workers in a fascist manner to uproot the seeds of communists, MP Pratima Bhowmik said, adding that revenge would be taken, not protests. In the voice of Pratima Bhowmik, a strange chaotic environment is about to be established in the state to take revenge of the workers. The fact is that , the family of Dipankar Sharma and Meghlal Das, a resident of Ashramtila area of Chandrapur Colony, have been arguing over money for the past few days. Rakesh Sharma died on the way to Agartala in a critical condition. On the other hand , CPIM said, “There is no political issue in this incident. There is no question of CPI (M) being involved. It also demanded exemplary punishment for those involved in the incident.”

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