Saturday, May 15, 2021
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A gunman robbed Rs. 51040 in Taichalong village

By Shyamsundar Datta, Tripura State: Robbery in day light has created unsteadiness here among the people of Ampi nagar, a block under Amarpur Sub-division of Gomati district area in Tripura State . Sources said, A bandan bank employee of Ampi nagar branch, Gumati , Tripura named Subrata Bhowmik went to Taichalong, a tribal village under Twidu PS to collect bank installment from the people. Later on when he was returning at about 12-30 pm from that village a unidentified tribal person stopped him showing a country made pistol on the way then after beating him snatched Rs.51040 from Subrata Bhowmik and then disappeared from there. The miscreant was a tribal person who has ter­rified the bank staff at the gun point as he was alone and snatched his cash mon­ey forcibly on his way to Ampi nagar at a forlon area when there was no body on the road, said the victim. The criminal has beaten also the bank staff. A robbery case has been filed here in Twidu PS by the Bandan bank authority on that facts. The OC of Twidu and the SDPO of Ampi nagar went to Taichalong village and asked the local villagers over the incident but no clues have been detected there. As far nobody was arrested over this robbery issue till now, said the police. The Ampi & Twidu PS authorities are searching the criminal through their administrative procedure.

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