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When the learned judge said… tahi bade kachhu sin ain’t

Additional District and Sessions Judge (Court no. 14) Chandra Vijay Srinet started delivering the verdict and he first described the Indian culture along with the Constitution. He said that girls up to 10 years of age are worshiped as goddesses and their feet are also washed. In a country with such high social standards towards girls, such malpractices with an innocent girl of one and a half years are certainly punishable with the harshest punishment. Even in our scriptures, it is considered appropriate to cast off a girl upon seeing her in a bad light. It is also said in Ramcharit Manas that “Anuj Badhu Bhagini Sut Nari”. Sunu sath kanya sam e chari. He had a mischievous attitude. Tahi baadeh kachhu is not a sin. ”Explaining the full meaning of the chaupai, it is said that there is no sin in killing such a person, so Siddhadosh is being given the death penalty and hang it till the hanging. Until he dies.

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