Wednesday, February 24, 2021
Home Citizen News Two caught stealing government batteries, sent to jail

Two caught stealing government batteries, sent to jail

The police have been successful in catching two battery thieves who have been beheaded for the police by carrying out battery theft incidents for the last several days. The thieves have confessed to stealing batteries from several government institutions. The accused were produced by the jurisdictional journalists and after a press conference they were sent to jail. Rehman alias Lala Putra wait resident Mohalla Moulaganj, Munawar son Asghar Ali resident Mohalla Mohalla were working for stealing batteries from government and non-government institutions for the past several days due to drug addiction. Inspector Shivshankar Singh, in charge of disclosing incidents of battery theft, formed separate teams and directed his arrest. On the information of the informer, Inspector-in-charge Shiv Shankar Singh, Inspector Sunil Kumar Singh along with Hamrahi Vivek, Amit Tomar and women constable Himanshi Chaudhary arrested both the above persons near Milan Dhaba. A possession of a battery, an aluminum inverter, Epson printer and cash of ₹ 5200 was recovered from his possession. Both the accused have been sent to jail. In-charge inspector Shiv Shankar Singh was also present during the press conference.

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