Thursday, January 21, 2021
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Trouble getting public from the pits on the roads

The condition of the Nandaur-Baghua National Highway worsened. This highway full of pits has not been repaired for two years. Countless murderous pits in the road are breaking people’s back. People are using this road to spew dust. People going from Mehndaval to Khalilabad are also using this road as the Tulsipur Bridge is under construction. It takes one and a half hours to cover a distance of eight km on this road. Pits of up to five feet appear eager to take passersby to the hospital at all times. The road has turned into a rough route at half a dozen places. Road construction is being claimed for the last two years, but the construction plan has not yet landed on the ground. Lungs getting sick Lung disease is increasing due to shortness of breath due to dust blowing on the damaged highway. Back pain patients are also increasing due to shaking pits. Some have to be attached to the belt to keep the waist straight. An accident is occurring on this fatal road. The two riders are falling and getting hurt by falling into the pit. This road connects three districts: This road connects Santakbir Nagar, Siddharthnagar and Basti districts. More than one and a half lakh people travel on this road every day. Seeing the plight of the road, people are left cursing the public representatives and responsible officials.

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