Monday, May 10, 2021
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Training given under National Filaria Eradication Campaign

At the local community health center, Asha, under the National Filaria Eradication Program, Asha was trained for the home delivery of Filaria’s drug delivery program. In training, Punit Mishra BMC Sitapur, Patiraj Azad BC Machirehata, Manoj Verma BCPM Laharpur, Gaurav Saxena BPM, Akhilesh Pandey WHO Upcoming Ghar Filaria drug Ivermectin, Albendazole, DEC one pill feeding program from 26th April to 11th May Trained to be successful. BCPM Manoj Verma gave information about Filaria disease in detail while giving information about the National Filaria Eradication Campaign to Asha Bahu. On this occasion, Community Health Center Superintendent Dr. Anand Mitra appealed everyone to make the filaria eradication campaign a success and consume medicines.

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