Sunday, April 18, 2021
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There is a lot of anger among the people about the waterlogging happening in Raza Nagar Colony

The problem of water logging in and around the primary school in Raza Nagar Colony in the periphery of Smart City Aligarh was for some years which has taken a formidable form for some months. From the government school to the homes of the people, there is a situation like a pond of dirty water on the roads. Municipal officials were apprised of demonstrations about 2 months ago for the drainage for the residents of the drainage area. But even some officers arrived, then they closed their eyes. People’s living has become worse than hell and there is a lot of messing up with people’s health. In the face of this catastrophic chaos, in front of the Rajanagar Primary School, the parishioners of the dirty water pool in which the general public including women demonstrated under my leadership. Due to the bad smell, the people of the area have been exposed to various diseases ranging from malaria and the health of the residents is being adversely affected.

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