Saturday, May 15, 2021
Home Citizen News The main roads of the panchayats were filled with dirt

The main roads of the panchayats were filled with dirt

Cleansing personnel are absent from the panchayats due to the withdrawal of the authority of the panchayats from the hands of the outgoing princes and the government machinery engaging in the panchayat elections. Due to the absence of sanitation workers, there has been a lot of dirt in the streets of the panchayats. The drains are getting jammed with garbage. The dirty water of the drains is filling in the common paths. Due to this, it has become difficult for the villagers to walk. After the term of the princes ends, the government has seized their rights and appointed administrators in the panchayats. At present, the government machinery is interested in conducting panchayat elections. As soon as the government machinery is busy in the election, the sweepers posted in the panchayats have become absent. On taking information, they say that duty has been imposed in the panchayat elections. For this reason villages cannot come. After the sanitation workers are absent from the panchayats, an empire of filth has arisen in the panchayats.

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