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The “Jan Corona Volunteer” campaign is being run by the Jan Abhiyan Parishad

The “Jan Corona Volunteer” campaign is being run by the Jan Abhiyan Parishad In order to eradicate the corona epidemic, various activities are being conducted in the district through various Corona volunteers associated with the MP Jan Abhiyan Parishad under the “I Corona Volunteer” campaign. Registered Corona Volunteers are supporting the general public by running thermal scanning, vaccination mativator, vaccination helper, free mask distribution, wall writing, roko toko campaign, my safety my mask at railway stations. A discussion on the prevention of corona was held with the citizens of the city in connection with the prevention of corona by Corona Volunteer Jai Kumar of Kotma block. Public awareness message was given by Corona Volunteer Pratibha Sahu for prevention of corona infection through henna. Corona Volantier Parvati Verma is doing 02 hours of thermal scanning daily at Kotma Railway Station. Corona Volunteer Jai Kumar gave a message to keep a distance of two yards by placing a bullet in the shops of Rajanagar Banaganwa area. Similarly, the work of marking social distance was done in front of the shops of Kotma city by Corona Volunteer Pratibha Sahu. Followup was taken from the home quarantine logo in the village Basniha by the corona valentine Ahilya and Shail Jaiswal under the development block Pushparaja. Corona Volunteer Kaushalya did the work of marking in front of the shops to maintain social distance in Rajendragram. According to the instructions given to the Chief Minister by Corona Volunteer Ajay Kumar Sahu under development block Jaithari, the work of distributing free mask and wall writing and shelling in front of the shop was done. Corona Volunteer Durgadatta Tiwari and Ravidutt Tiwari gave a message to keep distance by identifying near the village grocery store and flour mill to prevent corona infection. In the Khodri village under the development block Anuppur, the message was given by Corona Volantier to get vaccinated, wash hands repeatedly with soap. The Collector has praised the work of Corona Volunteer Parvati Verma, who is doing thermal scanning work at the railway station Kotma, and has also expected other Corona volunteers to continue to do similar work at a voluntary rate.

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