Thursday, January 21, 2021
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The families of the martyrs were honored.

In Rampur, the Brigade of Ex-Cadet organized a function to honor the families of the martyred officers in the Indian Army and the Executive Proclamation Program of the institution. Organized at St. Haris Public School. In which Captain Captain Singh, Subedar Major Jaswant Singh (Army Medal Kargil War) Lieutenant Parvesh Kumar (ANO, NCC) attended. Major Khadar Saeed Subedar Major Mukesh Babu, Nayak Jeet Singh and Lance Naik Ranjit Singh’s family reached the families of the martyrs in the program. All family members were honored at the memento. If some families cannot reach, then the institution will bring respect to their home. In the program, the family of the martyrs who were martyred while on duty in the Indian Army heard the heroic stories from Mach. Rampur is the land of heroes. Here such brave sons have been born whose India Pakistan War or India China again took part in the Kargil War and all went to the martyr for the defense of the country. We all should remember its martyrdom.

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