Tuesday, January 26, 2021
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Students of Shyam Sundar Inter College won kabaddi match

Shyam Sundar Inter College Chhatown Mariani’s team located in rural level of Ronhania block has won the Ruler Kabaddi Championship. The competition organized by Empowering and Welfare Federation of India was held in Hamidpur Bargaon of Gauri Shankar Temple last 3 days back. Out of which girl students of rural level schools were made participants. In the Kabaddi match which has been going on continuously for the last 3 days, the students of Shyam Sundar Inter College made a good performance and made their place in the final team and won by defeating about 6 teams with their hard work and consistent practice. Rajesh Kumar, the coach of Shyam Sundar Inter College, who was the winning team, said that there is a lot of passion and enthusiasm among the students of rural north, just need to refine their talent in some way. Today this position has been achieved through the hard work of children. The winning team in the kabaddi match was awarded the trophy by the school’s Deputy Manager Dhananjay Singh Chauhan. The Principal of the school Girdhari Lal Bhargava, Rajesh Kumar, Shiv Pratap Yadav, Ajay Kumar, Vidyasagar Shukla etc. were present on the occasion.

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