Saturday, May 15, 2021
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Red Sand Boa recovered, one arrested

Divisional Forest Officer, Akash Deep Badhavan conveyed through a press release that the recovery of 1 adad red sand boa by Thana Dhebarua was entrusted to the tax department including the accused for necessary action. Azad Nagar Ppganj Gorakhpur, Arvind Kumar Putra Shri Ram Refugee Colony House No. 448 Gorakhpur, Vijay Krishna Putra Dhuv Narayan Jungle Dumri Police Station Gularia Gorakhpur, Mukul Kumar Pandey Son Prabhat Kumar Alhadadpur Police Station Rajghat Gorakhpur against Wildlife Protection Act 1972 as amended in 2006 Legal proceedings under Section 9,27,39, 47,51, and Section 420 of the IPC have been sent to jail for 14 days of judicial custody by the CJM Court. The Divisional Forest Officer said that the Red Sand Boa is a rare species of organism. . Which people hold and use for superstition and use of medicines. While the real scientific reason for this is that this rare organism also has environmental importance.

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