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Realme to launch a new laptop in India; teases with a cryptic “Hello World” tweet

Realme is known for its various devices, including smartphones, fitness bands, smartwatches, TWS earbuds/earphones, etc. Now, the company is planning to launch a new laptop in India. On Wednesday, CEO Madhav Seth shared a binary message which decoded as “Hello World” on his Twitter handle. He tweeted: “01001000B 01100101B 01101100B 01101100B 01101111B 00100000B 01010111B 01101111B 01110010B 01101100B 01100100B 00100001B 00000000B #realme new product category has a message for you! Can you decode it & guess the product name that will add up to your #TechLife?” He also shared a glimpse of a new laptop hidden in a paper bag.

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