Wednesday, January 27, 2021
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Ongoing development work in the city continues at night

The construction work being done in the night by the Sardhana Municipality in view of the convenience of the people of the city, is being praised for this effort of Sabila Ansari president. The construction of CC Tiles and CC Road is currently underway by Sardhana Municipality at various places in the city area. In view of this, Executive Officer and President Sabila Ansari is reviewing the cars running and also inspecting the spot by surprise. Along with the material, drain roads and tiles are also being investigated by the Municipality team. At the same time, looking at the convenience of the people, the municipality is constructing the main roads in the night, in which there is no problem for the passengers and traders who come. Currently, construction work of lakhs of rupees at different places in the city like Mandi Chamaran, Beldaran, Raghuveer Sadan, Gomti Nagar, Fort, Deepak Road, Nai Basti, etc., has been started by the municipality after Kovid in the city. The same chairman Sabila Begum said that the work of beautification of the lake situated on the tehsil road in the city will soon be started in December this month.

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