Sunday, April 18, 2021
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One day volleyball competition held in Naudiha

Myorpur / Sonbhadra. Rural teams organized under the auspices of 7 Star Clove in Naudiha Gram Panchayat of Myorpur Block. It was organized in the memory of Shri Kanhaiyalal ji, in which Smt. Asha Singh, Principal of Composite School Naudiha as Chief Guest and Dr. Lakhan Ram Junglee Ji as Special Guest, started the match by cutting the lace and the Chief Guest. As the Myorpur district panchayat members were met with the tax returns of Mr. Mansingh and Sudhir ji, in which a total of 20 teams participated, defeating all the teams, the final match was played between 7 Star Club, Naudiha and Myorpur, in which 21-15 and From 21-17, the team of Myorpur won, Ramlakhan and Ashok Kumar as judges, Amresh and Ramprasad as commentators and Madhuban Barfilal, president and head of the committee, and former heads of Nadiha Rajendra and Rambali Singh, BDC America Prasad, former BDC Santosh Kumar and Nandu Prasad Gautam, Youth Mangal Dal President Pradeep Kumar, Dr. Ramlalan, Shiv Pujan, Lavkush, Santosh, Harinarayan, Premchand Postmaster, Neeraj, Suryabhan, and thousands of sports lovers were present.

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