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Nowadays people play many characters -!

Every heart of the city was commemorated by the famous O Maroof poet Sayyid Altaf Ali Altaf Shahabadi, a refreshment of the Naziist with the Sultan Akhtar Advocate in Paktabagh, Ehtamam Mohalla. Shora, doctors, lawyers and corporators of the city participated in this nostalgia. The narrator was helped by Iqtadar Khan Advocate, the Sadar Sadar Doctor of Aligarh University, while the Nizamat’s Faraiz Sabir Shahjahanpuri carried out. While writing the book with Hazrin, Dr. Iqtedar Khan said — Sayyid Altaf was known as a great master in the field of shayari, besides being Sayyid Altaf Shayar, he was also an excellent human being, Insqari, Ekhlaq, Mohabbat, Hamardi , They were codenamed At present, about two dozen Shora have the strength of their martyrdom.

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