Wednesday, June 16, 2021
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New transformer installed from MP fund in Raibidpura, voltage and drinking water problem

Khargone Tuesday was a relief for the people of Raibidpur who are suffering from low voltage problem. Here, MP Gajendra Patel, while showing readiness on the demand of the villagers, approved the 24-hour power transformer, which was also completed in a very quick time. The villagers also thanked the MP after duly worshiping the transformer when electricity supply started from the transformer on Tuesday. Sarpanch Devisingh Mandloi said that the installation of new transformer will not only remove the power problem, but will also get rid of the problem of drinking water in summer. Due to 24-hour power supply, drinking water will be supplied on time. Narayan Jawra, Kailash Patel, Dinesh Verma, Narayan Bijgawaniya, Lokesh Patel, Shubham Patil, Pradeep Jawra, Mahesh Bijgavania, Mahesh Verma, Dinesh Bijgavania etc. reported that there was a problem of low-voltage power supply in the village areas for a long time. , Feared power equipment malfunction at home. Due to this, the people here were very upset. The power company has been raising this demand for a long time. A few days ago, he told the MP the problem in the public grievance redressal camp, on which he has got a new transformer shown with readiness. Now drinking water including tripping will also be away.

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