Saturday, July 24, 2021
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Nala Chowk, dirty water flowing on the market street

Sadabad Passengers and shopkeepers faced a lot of trouble due to dirty water filling the post office road vegetable market at Tirahe due to the drainage of the drain on the highway near the post office road. Later, the Nagar Panchayat personnel got the opportunity to get the cleaning workers after getting the information. But when the mouth of the drain was opened, the dirty water could be cleared from the road. At present, all drains have been closed by the Nagar Panchayat. Due to which the waste coming in them is not removed in time. Due to which Nal Chowk has started. On Thursday morning there is a big stream crossing the highway on Dakkhana Road. The drain got badly choked due to the garbage coming in the small drains getting stuck in the big drain. Due to the drainage of water drains into the big drain and due to the drainage of the post, the post office road started to come badly on the vegetable market intersection due to which waterlogging was created in front of market shops.

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