Thursday, June 17, 2021
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MP Maneka Gandhi reached Hayhna Khurd village and met the victim’s family

In the village of Hanna Khurd in Sultanpur-Tehsil Baldirai area, there was a fire due to unknown reasons, due to which the houses were burnt to ashes due to high wind, whose house was burnt and it was very poor and laborers. His family used to live in that house. Due to fire, everything of those poor poor was destroyed due to which he was facing a lot of crisis, Pintu Pandey, a social youth of the same village, whoever he helped, he suffered. Helped the family and today Sultanpur MP Maneka Gandhi reached the village of Hanna Khurd to know the condition of the victims and assured the family members of the houses that were burnt to ashes in the arson that soon the victims will be provided accommodation. Hearing the faces of the victims blossomed happily and all the villagers thanked Pintu Pandey and said that you have done a commendable initiative by calling Honorable MP for us.

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