Wednesday, June 16, 2021
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Most of the nomination papers sold today, rules are fiercely worn

Record papers for the three-tier panchayat elections were sold to Biswan Sitapur. For this reason, the rules of protection against Corona were sidelined. Of which, 21 Scheduled Castes, 20 Backward Classes, 47 Women, 8 Unreserved 96 Patch Bikes, and 17 Scheduled Castes, 12 Backward Castes, 18 Women and 3 Unreserved Panchs of Gram Panchayat were sold and 10 Scheduled Castes, 13 Backward Castes, 41 Women, 17 Unreserved Prescriptions of Gram Panchayat Member Posts were sold. . Due to the huge rush of nomination form holders, the Kovid protocol is flying. No one is following social distance nor is the mask being used. This is when the number of corona infections is increasing daily. Even after this, neither the claimants are ready to accept nor the officials are paying attention.

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