Friday, July 30, 2021
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MGNREGA became the medium to employ the most hands during the Corona period

Khargone The Mahatma Gandhi NREGA scheme, which became the means of livelihood of migrant and local wages in rural areas during the Corona epidemic, has done excellent work by all the districts of the state. In this scheme, all types of classes got work from time to time, as well as important participation in the development of our natural environment and villages has been ensured. Through the video conference on Thursday, Additional Chief Secretary of Panchayat and Rural Development Department, Mr. Manoj Shrivastava, processed all the districts. In the MNREGA scheme, it was also said that for the completion of many kinds of tasks and creation of human days and works, and to give rewards to the districts that use the amount. This will be in the form of prize money, which will enable them to spend in rural development work. Giving information about the MNREGA project officer of the District Panchayat, Shyam Raghuvanshi informed that the District Panchayats will be given prize money up to Rs 25 lakh and Janpad Panchayats up to Rs 20 lakh. * Such is the progress of Khargone * In Khargone district, 80.09 lakh man-days (184%) works were created under MNREGA as compared to 43.48 lakh man-days last year. Against the same labor budget of 79.65 lakh man-days, 80% achievement of 80.09 lakh man-days was achieved. A total of 24660 works were completed. As per the provisions of MNREGA Act, farmers were benefited by spending 79% as compared to minimum 60% expenditure in agriculture sector. A total of Rs 207.37 crore was spent, out of which Rs 150.68 crore was spent on wages. Distinguished in the payment of inaccessible hill district of Jhirnya In Jhirnya, an inaccessible mountainous district of the district, where the district is often struggling with the problem of network, the work of making 100 percent payment on time has been maintained even this year. Additional Chief Secretary

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