Saturday, July 24, 2021
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Meeting with religious leaders and various associations concluded

Khargone Collector Swami Anugraha P held a meeting in Swami Vivekananda Auditorium on Friday with the city’s religious leaders and various merchant associations and associations and discussed in detail the various points regarding the observance of the restrictive order and lockdown. Collector Smt. Anugraha said that the contact of the people will have to be stopped, this is the solution as of now. At the same time, the government has issued restrictive orders, in view of which section-144 has also been implemented for the district. In the meeting, various trade unions and organizations put their various doubts and problems on Sunday’s lockdown and weekly restrictive order. During this, Superintendent of Police Shri Shailendra Singh Chauhan said that restrictive orders and lockdown are not being imposed, but it has become necessary for the good of all of us. Transition in the district is increasing very rapidly. Those who do not understand this infection, they have to make efforts to stop the infection by banning it. Many excuses can be made to get out in lockdown, but doing so is messing with family as well as society. So try to follow restrictive orders on your behalf. Additional Collector ML Kanel and BS Solanki, ASP Dr Neeraj Chaurasia, Transport Officer Smt. Barkha Gaur and CMO Smt. Priyanka Patel were present in the meeting. * Weekly hot and religious places will remain completely closed for devotees * On Friday, orders of Code Section-144 of the Revised Penal Procedure have been issued in the district till 31 March. According to which the hot markets held in the week will be closed. Also, religious places will be completely closed for common devotees. Two persons will be allowed for general maintenance in religious places. The lockdown will be effective from 8 am to 6 am daily.

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