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Meet Areej, Literal First Girl Ladishah of Kashmir

Meet the unique Kashmiri girl Syed Areej, well known as the first Lady from Alamgari Bazar Srinagar kashmir, who plays and writes “Ladishah”(sarcastic form of singing) in kashmiri language. She is doing job as content writer and is studying, by profession she is psychologist doing Masters in Psychology. She thought that “Ladishah” originated in Eighteenth century is being ignored traditionally and she started to explore it. Since last year she started writing “Ladishah”. She was inspired by “Ladishah” when she used to listen on etv channel, since then she started to write this folk song. And she thought that she may enhance this creativity in herself and relate her profession with “ladishah” , as she knows how increasing rate of depression in the valley is growing day by day. Moreover she wants to perform on every platform whenever, wherever she gets the opportunity. Also she wants to utilise “ladishah” in her profession and wants to play a prominent role and wants to contribute in mental health activism as therapist to relieve her society in the valley to some extent.

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