Monday, June 21, 2021
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Mandalayukta inspected the cowshed, got information about cowsheds

Sasni. Mandalayat Gaurav Dayal and District Magistrate Ramesh Ranjan inspected the cowshed in Parag dairy. Due to which there was a panic among the employees. Gave necessary guidelines for plugging during inspection. During this time CDO RB Bhaskar, DPRO Banbari Lal, CBO BP Singh SDM Rajkumar Singh Yadav were present. On this occasion, the staff officers engaged in the service of the cow dynasty presented the statue of cow calf to the Mandalayukta. Mandalayukta and DM reviewed the arrangements made for temporary cowshed in Parag dairy. However, fodder, water and sanitation arrangements were found to be correct in Gaushala. During the inspection, the Mandalayukta informed about the compost manure which is being made through the closed cow dynasty in Goshala. On this occasion, the Mandalayukta said that the employment opportunities can be increased if the packing of compost manure being prepared in the Gaushala is prepared through contract.

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