Sunday, June 13, 2021
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Make guests hospitable, don’t get angry, vulture! the number of vultures reduced in 96 hours

Vultures flying in the sky and sitting in numbers of one or two on the trees begin to make their presence felt when walking towards Mitauli, about 500 meters from Semrawan village, which is about 17 km from the Maholi tehsil headquarters. The vultures, sitting in a green but uninhabited place, have started changing their hideout due to disturbance in their freedom. In the last 96 hours, the number of vultures has suddenly started to decrease. The vultures, which are about a km away from Baghaiya pond, are now crossing the border of the district. Despite the presence of two dead cattle, the vultures raise the question of moving towards the border of the district. Villagers say that while sitting in the garden, vultures and mischievous elements used to throw the vultures coming out of the cycle. Their misconception is that the tree on which the vulture sits dries up. Due to the lack of guest hospitality among the dwindling population of vultures at the national level, the migration of guest birds from here may pose a major threat to the conservation of their species.

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