Thursday, June 17, 2021
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Lump-sum ration will be given free for three months in Khargone

Khargone Under the National Food Security Act-2013, as per the order issued by the state government, the ration of regular food grains will be distributed to the eligible beneficiaries from fair price shops without biometric verification for a three-month ration free of cost. Faiz Ahmed Kidwai, Principal Secretary, Food Department, said that ration would be distributed by following physical distance and other precautions to prevent the spread of corona infection. Under the ration distribution, the ration of the months April, May and June will be provided to the eligible families in a lump sum month of April. The beneficiaries who have received the rations of April and May will be provided the ration of the month of June for free. In shops where there is a shortage of ration, the ration will be reimbursed immediately. Ration shops for the month of June have not been released yet, there will also be reimbursement of the ration immediately.

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