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Lack of oxygen does not result in death of the patient in the hospital – civil surgeon

Khargone Civil Surgeon Dr. Divyesh Verma said that continuous supply of oxygen is going on in the district hospital. Continuous oxygen is being sourced from Godowns in Indore and Bhopal. On Thursday, a newspaper published that the patient admitted to the district hospital had died due to lack of oxygen. This is misleading and inaccurate information. Civil surgeon Dr. Verma said that at 11 o’clock on Tuesday night, a 100-cylinder vehicle filled with oxygen had reached the hospital from Indore and the patient died due to lack of oxygen on Wednesday morning. Whereas in fact the patient died due to pneumonia (pneumonia) and multiorgan failure. Giving further information, Civil Surgeon Dr. Verma said that 72-year-old Rameshwar Aunkarlal Sen of Motipura Khargone was admitted to the Kovid ward on April 5 at 11:40 am in case of suspected infection. At that time, upon investigation, pneumonia was found. Kovid was also investigated, in which the report came out negative. * Shifted to ICU on 6 April * Civil surgeon Dr. Verma said that on April 6, he was shifted to the ICU at 10 am after the patient’s condition increased. The patient was subjected to various tests before making the shift. The test showed hemoglobin 13.3 g, ceram ferretin 341.97 ng / ml, dimer 6.65, LDH 951 IU / L, CRP 52.41 mg / l, and oxygen levels 94 to 90 percent during treatment. At 10 o’clock in the night, the patient was treated on a bippe machine when the oxygen level was 80 percent while shifting to ICU, but his health did not improve. Oxygen levels decreased and their sugar levels also came down to 182–120 mg per cent. After this, on Wednesday, at 12:15 pm, pneumonia and multiorgan failure have died. * Still in 54 cylinder stock, 65 cylinders will arrive at night * Explaining the status of oxygen cylinder, Civil Surgeon Dr. Verma said that at 10 pm on Wednesday, 35 cylinders were in stock. While at 43 am on Thursday, a vehicle filled with 43 cylinders reached Khargone. At present, the District Hospital has a total of Jumbo Cylinder 21 and Small Cylinder 33 in stock. Apart from this, a 65 cylinder full vehicle has left from Indore Godown at 3 pm on Thursday, which will reach Khargone by 7-8 pm.

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