Sunday, June 20, 2021
Home States Kalindri Express derails while shunting

Kalindri Express derails while shunting

While shunting on Saturday morning at Farrukhabad junction, the engine of Kalindri Express derailed. Calling the accident relief team from Kasganj in hurriedly started the task of boarding the derailed engine. After some time the train stood, then the goods train The engine started and it was sent forward. The engine of Kalindri Express which reached Farrukhabad via Tundla via Delhi from Bhiwani, derailed while carrying it for shunting. Near the Farrukhabad junction, 8 wheels of the engine derailed, this caused a stir in the railway, immediately the officers were informed. Cranes were called from Kasganj, the relief teams were engaged in mounting the engine. On the other hand, the train was fitted with the engine of the goods train and left for Kanpur.

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