Monday, June 14, 2021
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Jai Bajrang Arena Committee prepares for Ram Navami

Duddhi, Sonbhadra. These days the arena committees on Ramnavami have started to grow. The committee has become active regarding the event to be held under the leadership of Jai Bajrang Akhara Committee Duddhi. These days, the brightness of the various akharas of the city has increased. We are engaged in the practice of amazing feats with weapons like lathi poles, swords, spears. Many elders are training the youth. Preparations are being done by the Akharas to take out the Ram Navami procession. Jai Bajrang Akhara Committee convenor Kanhaiyalal Agarhari said that the festival will be celebrated in the wake of Kovid 19. Whatever will be the direction of the administration, Ram Navami will be celebrated keeping in mind the guidelines. Whereas from April 6, the Akhara Committee has started organizing the arena. On the first and ninth day of Ramnavami, she is busy preparing for a grand procession.

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