Wednesday, June 16, 2021
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Jaane Bazaar Ayodhya’s team captured KGN Cup 2021

The finals coincided with the closing of the 15-day KGN Cup cricket tournament 2021 in the town of Kurebhar. The final of this cricket tournament being played under rule out rules, Tiyari village and Ayodhya in Sultanpur district near the tomb of Hamid Shah Baba Jani Bazar of the district was played among the team. Tieri’s team won the toss and batted first and was reduced to just 38 runs in 10 Ober. In the world, the market Ayodhya team scored 38 runs in only 8 Ober and won the final match. Tax captured the KGN Cup 2021. Man of the match award was given to Gavaskar of the team of the market Ayodhya. Samaj SEBI Sandeep Singh Sonu, Mohammad Aslam Khan, Neeraj Vikram Singh, Vijay Sen Yadav presented the winning team with a trophy for 8 thousand cash, and the runner-up team as prize and Rs 4 thousand as cash prize.

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