Monday, June 21, 2021
Home States Irrigation interrupted due to lack of water flow in the minor

Irrigation interrupted due to lack of water flow in the minor

Even though the canal block claims to deliver water to the tails of all the minors, the departmental system is unable to meet the requirement of farmers. The transmission of water in Chintalpur Minor has not been taking place for many years. Due to the hard work done by the farmers, the price of expensive fertilizers and seeds planted in the fields has also reached the verge of ruin. The main irrigation crop of wheat these days is being irrigated first and second . First and second water is considered very important for the productivity of the crop. If water could not be available in time for irrigation, then all the hard work of the farmers would be restored Due to lack of water at the time of irrigation, the possibility of destroying hundreds of acres of wheat crop in a dozen villages has increased. There is a lot of anger among farmers due to the lack of water in the minor.

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