Sunday, June 20, 2021
Home States Information about labor department given to people by setting up camp

Information about labor department given to people by setting up camp

Flute To promote the employment scheme being run by the government, for the employment of people by setting up camp in the presence of Chhattisgarh Amrit Golhaura and Akhilesh Maurya, chairmanship of Labor Enforcement Officer Liladhar Pal and young social worker at Grampanchayat Semari under Khuniyavan development block on Monday. Awareness was made and registration of workers was done in the labor department, in which people were informed about employment and the youth were told about employment by Chitransh Amrit Golhaura, a young social worker, told that in today’s time if a person has If someone is skilled, he can get employment easily, various types of schemes are being run by the government to promote employment. He also said that the government is also promoting self-employment, for which the government Mudra loan business loan Various schemes are being run so that the youth are encouraged and more people get employment, on the occasion Raghavendra Sahai aka Raja Bhaiya, youth social worker Akhilesh Maurya, Pramod Shrivastava alias Sablu , Amit Tripathi, Manish Srivastava, Pradeep Raj Maurya, Lalu Yadav, etc. were present.

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