Tuesday, August 3, 2021
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India is a natural G7ally: PM at summit

Prine Minister Modi made the pitch in his virtual address to two outreach sessions on climate crisis and open societies at the G7 summit held in the British seaside resort oc Cornwall. The meet brought together thd leaders of Canada, France, Germany, Italy,Japan, the UK and the US, while India Australia South Korea and South Africa joined srlected sessions ats guest countries. India is a natural ally for the G7 and its partners to defend democracy and freedom of thoughtfrom challenges arising due to authoritarianism , terrorism disinformation and economic coercion, Modi said on Sunday Modi who was a lead speaker in the outreach session on” open societies and open economies, highlighted India’s civilisational commitment to democracy freedom of thought and liberty .As the world’s largest democracy India is a natural ally for the G7 and guest countries to defend these shared values from a host of threats stemming from authoritarianism terrorism and violent extremism disinformation and infodemics and economic coercion, he said Indian officers said the countries participation kn the meet reflects understanding within the G7 that the resolution of key global crisis won’t be possible without India’s engagement involvement and support. India will remsin engaged ewith G7 and its partners on major global issues such as access to vaccines, diversification of supply chains building economic resilience and climate action, they said. While highlighting the impact of digital technologies such as Aadhaar DBT(direct benefit transfer) and JAM(Jan Dhan-Aadhaar-Mobile) trinity in social inclusion and empowerment, he also pointed to vulnerabilities inherent in open societies and asked tech companies and social media platforms to ensure a safe cyber environment for their users”.

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