Thursday, June 17, 2021
Home Citizen News In the cricket tournament, RPF defeated the loco and captured the series.

In the cricket tournament, RPF defeated the loco and captured the series.

Chopan- / Chopan defeated the loco team by RPF defeating Loco’s team in the departmental cricket competition which has been running by East Central Railway for almost months. Let it be known that after winning the toss, the RPF team performed a tremendous performance in 12 overs and gave a huge score of 136 runs. . In the same reply, the innings of the loco team continued to falter and the entire team collapsed for 45 runs in 8 overs, leaving the result of the Lokas unsuccessful. From the same RPF, Mukesh performed brilliantly and took 65 runs 3 wickets from 16 balls, hitting 7 six 3 fours, which has been declared man of the match. He continued to perform well throughout the match, and the light of the team of the people was declared Man of the Series. Cricket tournament organizer chairman Umesh Singh congratulated both the teams and while greeting the audience also gave the title of spectator number one to Lappu, which kept the audience cheering.

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