Tuesday, January 19, 2021
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In the absence of drinking water supply for ten days

Halia Mirzapur Supply of water to the villagers through the pipeline from the tank made under the Halia Village Group scheme of the development block In Jogia Bari locality of Haliya Gram Panchayat, the villagers got angry against the water body on Sunday after drinking water supply came to a standstill for a week. Villagers gathered on the road in the village and protested against the officials of Jalanigam, taking negligence of the employees. The villagers said that for more than a week, drinking water is being brought away from the drinking water supply due to stagnation. No workers are also found on the tank made of Jal Nigam. In such a situation, the problem of drinking water has arisen due to the stagnation of water supply. Rural Wajira, Shahribans, Officers, Chunni Begum, Ramji, Asghar Khan, Ilyas, Younus, Sahban, Chhabilal, Pappu Tiwari Ramashray, etc. have demonstrated and demanded to restore drinking water supply. So that the villagers struggling with drinking water can get relief. Garima Kushwaha, an engineer of the water corporation, said that the drinking water supply has come to a standstill due to the malfunctioning of the motor pump, by fixing the motor pump, the drinking water supply will be started by Monday.