Saturday, July 24, 2021
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Important documents burned by fire

Sanda (Sitapur) House No. 2 located in Sakran Block Office Complex which houses the office of Panchayat Secretary Ashok Yadav. Here at 7 o’clock last night, when the house was locked, due to sudden fire, keep in the house 7 gram panchayats, including important records of Barasingha, Pachdevara, Zhouakhurd, Daudapur, Tedwa Kala, Kyotna Hardo Patti, Saraiya Kala, and Laptops, printers, inverters, cupboards etc. along with other essential items have been burnt to ashes. The policeman Vinod Kumar along with the Sanda Chowki police reached the spot, and the MNREGA computer operators, somehow extinguished the fire. Panchayat Secretary Ashok Yadav said that due to unknown reasons, all important records and other important things kept in the office have been burnt. Tahrir has been given in the twelfth police station regarding the incident.

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