Saturday, July 24, 2021
Home States If sugarcane leaves are burnt, sugarcane betting will stop

If sugarcane leaves are burnt, sugarcane betting will stop

The sugarcane department in Ambedkarnagar district has become very strict in view of the complaint of farmers burning cane leaves in the fields. The district sugarcane official said that if a farmer was found burning cane leaves in the fields, his sugarcane speculation stopped Will go. He said that it has often been observed that some farmers burn ignorantly and destroy the leaves of sugarcane / sugarcane, resulting in economic and environmental damage. The burning of sugarcane leaves / straw is completely banned from the government level. On receipt of the complaint, action will be taken as per rules, along with economic punishment / legal action, and immediately closing the speculative position of the concerned farmer. He informed that the burning of sugarcane leaves / crop residues increases the temperature of the ground. There is loss of fertility power. Beneficial bacteria and friendly insects are eliminated. In contrast, by using trash mulch and mixing sugarcane leaves / starch in small pieces, it increases the water retention capacity of the soil. Weeds are controlled. Weeding costs less.

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