Thursday, June 17, 2021
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If AAP government is formed, youth will get job at village level: Vanshraj Dubey

Youth are cutting for jobs, elders for pension: Vanshraj Dubey is Adityanath Bayanveer and Chief Minister of Commercials – Vanshraj Dubey, AAP student wing of Aam Aadmi Party’s President Wing State Dynasty Dubey interacted with CYSS workers. Addressing the meeting, from the activists and officials, since the independence of Uttar Pradesh, which are constantly facing the miseries of the state, Hardoi’s youth is wandering in search of job rate from time to time for the old pension for the youth job. He said that if the government of Arvind Kejriwal in Delhi can give 200 units of electricity free to the people of Delhi then why should not the people of Uttar Pradesh get 200 units of electricity.

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