Monday, May 10, 2021
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‘I want rule of law’- CPM Belonina committee

By Shyamsundar Datta, Tripura State: On the last night of Durgotsab, a storm of condemnation is raging in the state from the artiste to the literary community in protest of the incident of physical torture of the Baul artiste. There is a storm of condemnation in the political arena as well. Besides, exemplary punishment is being demanded for the culprits. On Thursday afternoon, a protest march was organized by leftist student-youth organizations and women’s associations to protest the torture of a Baul artist in Belonia . Demanding exemplary punishment for the culprits, the protest procession was organized in front of the office of CPIM Belonia sub-division committee with the slogan ‘I want rule of law’. The police prevented the protest rally is still some distance. After crossing the police barricade, the protesters marched from Jagannath Bari Red, Bank Road to Eknong Tila Bazar, and again marched along the same road in front of the party office. State Committee Secretary of Scheduled Caste Coordination Association Sudhan Das, party sub-divisional secretary Tapash Dutta, Khetmajur Union leader Dipankar Sen, women leader Ratma Das, Khuku Ghosh, leftist youth leader Madhusudan Dutta, student leader Madhusudan Datta joined the protesters. Majumdar and other leaders and workers of the organization. Speakers of the protest rally in front of the CPIM Bologna divisional office after the procession sharply criticized the state BJP government, condemned the incident of torture on the Baul artiste and demanded exemplary punishment against the culprits, saying there was no rule of law in the state. Women are not protected. Protest against it. The speakers called upon the people of all sections to unite in this protest.

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