Monday, April 19, 2021
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Head of Pre-Secondary School’s Boundary Wall and Gate

The old gate has also been removed by Pradhan Shilpi to make the new boundary wall and gate to work under the rejuvenation scheme by breaking the boundary wall of Purva Secondary School of Mazra Fauladganj of Gram Panchayat Lodhora. Under the rejuvenation scheme being run, the work was started by removing the old wall and gate, but the work has been stopped since the work of the Panchayat ended on December 25, when the same 2 booths are available for election in the school. It is alleged that after talking to the bdo mishrikh about the entire money has been withdrawn by the Principal, he told that he is not aware of it, if the money has been withdrawn and the work has not been completed, then appropriate action will be taken, the same teachers say that Due to lack of a gate, animals roam the school and do dirty things. The social elements also stay inside after the school is bad, even the trees planted in the school are grazing animals.

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