Thursday, January 21, 2021
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Hakime Ummah fresh refreshment in memory of Dr. Kalbe Sadiq

Maulana Kalbe Hasnain said; If a human being is Sadiq, then it is worthwhile. Hakime Ummat Dr. Kalbe Sadiq Saheb is no longer in this world. Not only the Shia community but all the Muslims and the people of the Hindu community are saddened. In his memory, the refreshment process and Majlisse Isale Sawab were organized on Sunday. Under the aegis of Shiane Hydray Karrar Welfare Association Sultanpur, Imam Bargah Begum Hussain Akbar Saheb Marhum Khairabad attended by a large number of Ulama, Shires and people of society. Azhar Abbas, the district media in-charge of the association, said that while addressing the people in Majlis, Maulana Kalbe Hasnain Khawar said that being Sadiq is a quality of Allah. He said that if a person is Sadiq, then it is worthless. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt it or else you cannot make obeisance near people. Maulana said that to be Sadiq, it is necessary to have Kaul (tongue-speech) and Amal (character). But each one does not get both, but both of them were present in Hakime Ummah Doctor Kalbe Sadiq Saheb Marhoom. Maulana said that Kalbe Sadiq Saheb had focused on ilm (education),

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