Thursday, June 17, 2021
Home States Group members trained on crop rotation and vegetable cultivation point

Group members trained on crop rotation and vegetable cultivation point

The group members were trained on vegetable cultivation point according to the crop cycle and season according to the vegetable nursery management and farming program on Sunday at the primary school located at Belwa in Khuniyavan block of Siddharthnagar. Initiative of training conducted by the SBI Rural Self-Employment Training Institute, Prayer, Giver so much power came from us. Yoga was done to the members. Chief instructor Dinesh Kumar Maurya said that the crop cycle has an important place in the key factors responsible for successful crop production. It is necessary to pay attention to all the members on maximum crop production, only then the purpose of such training will be considered meaningful. Said that there are different times for different vegetable cultivation. Some vegetables are in the summer season, while some are in the cold season. Cultivate them by keeping the right information about them, so that they can get better production. Sunil Kumar Yadav said that the technique of vegetables gave detailed information about irrigation. Kamalavati, Anjani, Maya, Khushboo, Nisha, Mala, Ramavati, Lakshmi, Teeja, Sangeeta, Pooja, Sarita Devi, Saroj Devi, Vidravati, Ahilya etc. were present.

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