Monday, June 14, 2021
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Gorraaj of goverment worshiped from house to house

Hathras. Dwapar’s Leela was repeated once again in Hathras city, the gateway of Brij. On this occasion, Girraj of Gover was decorated in the temple and the huge figure Lord Govardhan was worshiped in the Gaushala. On Sunday, the festival of Govardhan Puja was celebrated with joy and joy in Dehri Hathras of Braj. The festival began with Mangala Aarti in temples. Especially in the ancient temple Thakur Sri Kanhaiya Lal Ji Maharaj of Kappa Mandi, Girraj of cow dung was decorated and the tunes of the instruments of the Lord were chanted with hymns and kirtans with a vision of supernatural makeup. While the ancient Govardhan Temple Gaushala of the city also had a period of worship worship. At the same time, the devotees went round. A fair was also held on this occasion and the children enjoyed the celebration.

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