Sunday, June 20, 2021
Home States Gomti friends feel relieved when Sita Kund Dham looks clean.

Gomti friends feel relieved when Sita Kund Dham looks clean.

Gomti Mitras have the same objective to awaken the cleanliness of the entire state, as well as to connect people to rivers, trees, mythological sites and make them aware of their safety and hygiene, Gomti Mitra Mandal at Sita Kund Dham situated in the district for the last 6 years. The state has been able to change its position by organizing cleanliness shramdaan continuously, state president Madan Singh and media in-charge Ramesh Maheshwari say that now the public is also getting full support in this work, Shramdan, week of Sunday, 7th December Starting at Sita Kund Dham from 6.00 am, the entire complex was cleaned and preparations were made for the evening aarti, Patron Ratan Kasaudhan, Sant Kumar Pradhan, Rajesh Pathak, Ram Quinchal Maurya, Dauji, Ramendra Singh Rana, Omprakash Kasaoundan, Munna Soni, Rajendra Soni, Mahesh, Ajay Verma Sonu Singh, Vishal, Arjun, Vasu Abhay etc. were present.

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